Harlington Locomotive Society

Private Party Booking Dates (2024)

Throughout the year we offer to host a Private Party day on the 4th Sunday of each month, from April through till October.

We give you exclusive access to our site for a 3 hour party session, at an agreed time starting anytime between midday and 2.00pm. As party host you are free to arrive an hour before the agreed starting time to set-up for your party.

We will endeavour to provide at least one steam locomotive and one diesel/electric locomotive for your exclusive enjoyment and we commit to running the trains even if it's raining. All party attendees are free to take rides as often as they want, adults and children alike.

The club house and tea-making facilities will be freely available for you to use although we do not provide any food catering services. You will however be allowed to bring and consume your own food and drinks.

The cost for this event will remain at £260.00 for this year, the full amount is required to secure the booking and each date is offered on a first come first served basis. To check availability please see table below.


April 28th Booked for Private party
May 26th Booked for Private party
June 23rd Booked for Private party
July 28th Booked for Private party
August 25th Booked for Private party
September 22nd Booked for Private party
October 27th AVAILABLE for Private party


Please note that we cannot offer any Party dates outside of those listed above but for more information, or to request a booking form, please contact us